All About Us

Michael Chettle

Introducing Michael Chettle Financial Planning.

Michael works one on one with his clients to identify their financial priorities, then formulates options to give them the best chance of achieving their goals over the short, medium and long term.

Of course every person, family and situation are different. This is why Michael operates with the support of Securitor Financial Group Ltd, a division of the Westpac Banking Corporation, ensuring each and every client will be given an opportunity to take advantage of the most up to date strategies and advice available in Australia today.

It’s all
in the planning

We now plan a better
future into retirement

With just a little
nurturing and guidance ...

There’s no better time
to plan than now

Preparing for our
children’s education

I can rest easier
now I have the
help I need

Helps me save more
and stress less
about money

Helping you achieve
security in the future

Don't arrive at tomorrow wishing you had planned yesterday